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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Cap'n T, if I might weigh in, your analogy is full of holes.

IF that doorbell had been deliberately booby-trapped to harm anybody who used it, was known to have killed at least one other evangelist (and Ghod knows how many others - we only know aboiut Federation ships, I note) and the others then disarmed said doorbell - that might actually come close to portraying the actual situation.
7THSEALORD - As Vaal was not booby-trapped, nor was the doorbell in the hypothesis.

To clarify: Just as Vaal gives off known and harmful emissions, so to does our illustrative example of featuring the electrically faulty doorbell.

Said emissions are only dangerous to the trespassing invaders of posted private property, who in their self-righteous fever, by-pass and ignore all warnings and notices.

Just as it was with Vaal, so is the example.

Also, Re-hypothesising another stated hypothesis does not negate, nor disprove anything; nor does it serve to support any counter-opinion, yet unheard, any more effectively than stating:

" IF may Aunt had a Winkie, she'd be my Uncle".

Therefore, the only 'holes' are the ones you are ATTEMPTING to create with your own stipulated "IF", supplied by your own hand,... but of course! LOL!
I thoroughly disagree.

Show me, if you would be so kind, Vaal's 'Keep Out' sign. 'Funny' emissions don't really cut it as a straight-out "All trespassers should leave now" declaration. Why? Because this would be far more likely to attract others for any of several different reasons - eg. resource-finders, galactic anti-litter patrol, straight-out curiousity.

A case could perhaps be made for Vaal's .... "footprint" being the opposite of what you assert. Never got to see much of the rest of the planet, after all. How many dead spacecraft and landing parties could be buried out there?

I don't know - and neither do you, Cap'n T.

Could be zero. Very probably, I grant you since no such possibility was mentioned or even hypothesized during the episode. Then again, Fed tech is not omniscient and it wouldn't be the first time Kirk and co missed something. Given Vaal's grasp of protocol, multiple layers of wreckage and alien remains all over that world are a definite possibility. IMO.

Also, as I recall (and it has been a very long time since I saw that particular episode), Kirk and co beamed down, had assorted stuff happen and, when leaving began to look like a possible option, THAT was when the Big E came under attack. Suddenly, quietly leaving was no longer an option.

If using the 'Home Invasion' analogies, go all the way. I recall that, in general, shooting anybody who happens to be on your property is NOT deemed an acceptable reaction unless they were actually shooting at you to start with. Nor is setting up boobytraps, to take out anyone who might trespass, looked upon favourably.

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