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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

I can't believe Opie actually shot Clay. I know from the preview that Clay isn't dead. But still, it is quite a shocker. It looks like Jax covers up for Opie based on the preview by keeping his name out of the shooting. I hope Opie sees Jax as the friend he really is instead of the traitor who he thought would play a role in his father's death.

I'm wondering how things are going to go down between Jax and Tara after Jax tells her that Piney is dead. One of the clips of the preview show Jax at the club table with a bunch of pappers before him. I'm going to guess that they are J.T.'s letters. So it seems Jax will find out the truth. Thank God. I can't wait to see his reaction but wonder if Gemma would try to manipulate the truth of the letters to her advantage.

I'm glad Tara hasn't fallen farther into depression and maintains her strength and inner resolve. Standing up to Gemma and letting Jay in on Wendy instead of keeping it a big secret. The Tara we know and love is still there, fighting for her man and her family.

I pray nothing bad happens to Bobby and the other Sons in the fallout of Otto turning rat. Maybe they'll pull out a clever way to resolve the situation like they did with Stahl and their other enemies in NS. I almost hoped that Otto was faking to be a rat but the moment he revealed to Bobby that he actually did confess his crimes, my hope was crushed. However, I understand why he did it. There's a limit to how much crap a man can take before reaching his breaking point and Otto reached his, just like Opie.
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