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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The Circle Trilogy was my first introduction to DS9. There's a reason it hooked me on this series - it's freaking awesome.

The political atmosphere of these episodes, and this one in particular, are what makes for great Trek. I've always thought that Trek was at it's best when dealing with the politics of it's universe (Journey to Babel, The Defector, just about any political episode of DS9, the Vulcan Trilogy in ENT).

My only complaint is that they should have delved into politics more deeply and more often than they already did.
This was the point where DS9 really started to push for its own identity. I'm sure that part of the reason they were able to get away with this was because they avoided doing a cliff hanger and did not put a "part 1/2" anywhere near this.I'm sure Berman had to be convinced that each episode stood on its own. I'm also certain that Berman put his foot down after this and said "not so fast" and demanded more stand alones after this. In some ways this was the opening shot of the show runner's litte insurgency against trek orthodoxy requiring stand alone storytelling.
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