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Re: Booster Gold (SyFy)

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SyFy's already got too many light comic shows. They should take a page from the rest of cable and not be afraid to build a series around a potentially off-putting anti-hero.

But of course, they'll just do what they're used to doing.
Yeah, I mean, what's up with the light comic shows like Stargate Universe, or Caprica, or BSG? I mean, COME ON, give me some serious DRAMA already...
If any of those are still airing, then I am going to be very very angry nobody told me about it because I was under the definite impression they'd all been cancelled.

But Stargate has never been anything more than lightweight until SGU when it just became unwatchable.

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SyFy needs to greenlight RHW's space opera first. Then they can do whatever else they want.
Wouldn't they just fire him after the second season and then dumb the premise down so the "sci fi geeks" could understand it, and then play the dumbed down version for three more seasons?
At this point, I'd even watch that. But Kevin Sorbo is a deal-killer.
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