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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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One word: Boring

I couldn't bear this show after the first episode. I tried to watch the second. Zombies are boring, characters boring. After watching great shows like Games of Thrones this show is not doing it anymore for me. We know nobody of importance is going to die.

Maybe it miss Darabont touch.
See I don't understand this opinion. Doesn't mean you're not entitled to it but I still don't get it.
I really tried. I had many season 2 episodes lined up tonight to watch on my DVD. With the little kid just been shot from "last episode". But I just wouldn't care and found the dialogue tedious in a few seconds.

But I must say, while I find Zombie movie fun from time to time. I feel like they are boring unresponsive enemy. I don't feel their threat. So I'm not such a big Zombie fan even if I like horror movie very much.

I think it's worst without Darabont.
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