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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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I love the door buzzer example!

Kirk means church in Scotland. But the world of Star Trek loves tough sounding names with lots of K consonants, and I reckon that was more at play than an allusion to moralism.
PLYNCH - Thank you as always, as I too enjoy the clear & sensible post which you pen.

As our friend Plynch pointed out; the word 'KIRK', specifically is a Scots/Gaelic word for Church, however, what most people do not know about the word KIRK is this:

The word KIRK is the Scottish bastardization (and yes, I am of Scots/Irish heredity so I can say this proudly, thank you) of the Greek word: CIRCE (pronounced Sir-Seas).

So what is Circe?

In ancient Greek lexicon of knowledge (the origin of the root concept and origin of the word) the concept of CIRCE was personified as a mythical being named: MOTHER CIRCE.

So what was the story with this Mother Circe?

Mother Circe had magical powers, which included the ability to - through her spoken words - induce a state of hypnosis, with which to control the minds of her intended victims.

Once under this state of hypnosis, Mother Circe would then lure her human victims inside of her home, and through her magic powers, maintain them as the mindless followers of her will, operating under her direct control,..

or convert them into animals - such as pigs - and then slowly devour them over time, feeding off them, and thereby sustaining her own life.

Furthermore, once there was a lack of abundant prospective 'converts' in immediate area - having been already brought into the House of Circe. Mother Circe would travel about the county, seeking out new life to serve as new 'converts'.

Of all the Greek dramas featuring Mother Circe, her most famous appearance, though very limited to the overall body of information, is of course contained in the work of Homer's, 'The Odyssey'

And so,...

The ancient Greek Mother Circe, becomes the olde Scottish Mother Kirk, which becomes the more-modern Anglo-Saxon Mother Church.

or to summarize in Latin: "Fit ergo Circe, Church, Kirk"

And so we, dear friends,... in the modern dramatic presentations of our today, we enjoy 78 presented episodes or 'plays' of another 'KIRK' traveling, espousing his hypnotizing rhetoric, in a quest to seek out new beings for the purpose of converting and luring them into the Church of the UFP.

And so revealed,... the connection to the concept and name of: KIRK.

But, it is only a 'theory'. LOL!
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