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Re: Booster Gold (SyFy)

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SyFy's already got too many light comic shows. They should take a page from the rest of cable and not be afraid to build a series around a potentially off-putting anti-hero.

But of course, they'll just do what they're used to doing.

Honestly, that's not BOOSTER GOLD. He's been written with a light, comic touch for decades.

There's no doubt room for a scifi version of DEXTER, but doing a dark and serious version of BOOSTER GOLD would be like doing a grim and gritty version of SHAZAM . . . or turning MONK into a troubled anti-hero. The humor is kind of built into their DNA.

BOOSTER could actually be a good fit with Syfy's current lineup . . . although I still want that WH13 spinoff with H. G. Wells.
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