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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

SISKO - Two points and two questions to consider:

The lesser important 2 points:

1. It may not be accurate to say that de-actvating Vaal, did not change things 'that much'. As I understand it, this machine provided the entire base for the culture's body of knowledge & education, provided medical healing, moral guidance, a justice system, and controlled the weather system of the planet.

2. The rhetoric as provided to KIRK in 'Return of the Arkons' was written as a speech, to justify blowing up yet another computer controlled culture when KIRK was in danger. Solely expressed as KIRK's personal interpretation of an article of the PD, and not as citing an actual article of the PD.

Two final questions for you on this one:

Two door-bell ringing evangelists - who ultimately determine that you live a lifestyle which, in their opinion, was 'without merit' according to the philosophy of their church - offer to you the explanation that because one of the fellows trespassing on your gated property managed to get his finger stuck in your door buzzer, would soon die from being electrocuted. Therefore, in order to save him from certain death, they burnt your house to the ground.

Which brings us to the more important two questions:

1) Would you still feel the same way?

And before you think this example about evangelical door-busters is 'stretching it too much',..

2) Do you know where the word 'KIRK' comes, its meaning, and what the connection to this character is?
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