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Re: Booster Gold (SyFy)

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I don't know anything about the character, but, with that premise write-up, and it being a SyFy possible show/movie, I would be surprised if they didn't go for an outrageous comedy. Would fans of the character be happy with that approach?
Booster Gold is a C-List DC comic book character and member of the Justice League. He's from the distant future (the 25th or 26th century, IIRC) and has traveled back to the present day.

Booster Gold is a regular human being but uses technology to give him Superman-like powers like strength, speed, and some degree on invulnerability. He's also in some interpretations "only in it for the money" and will take on endorsements and advertisements on his costume. Think of Greg Kinnear's character in Mystery Men.
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