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Gebirg, I actually haven't done anything to the underside. Something this huge is a bit problematic to work underwater with, so understandably there's nothing built up underneath. I'm working from the surface up.
Brilliant! That's exactly what I did. Now I don't feel so bad. I also had the irritating task of filling in some of the area in the water surrounding the ship, as it went deep quite dramatically in some spots which made it difficult for me to lay out the keel.

I don't suppose there's anything else that can be dyed other than wool? Have they implemented a "paint" feature, where you can craft dyes on any other type of material? I'm reluctant to put red wool down at the waterline, as I'd like to try to make my ship somewhat explosion resistant from the beasties that sneak up on me.

The "keel" floor is almost laid. Once I get that down I'm going to start building the outer frame of the hull based on some cross-sections from the "Battleship Yamato: Anatomy of the Ship" by Janusz Skulski and I will post pics of the progress thus far. I'm still baffled by the size of this thing and hope I can finish it.
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