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Haha yeah, it truly is titanically huge! For everyone's curiosity, I've used real-world dimensions when plotting it out as I've detailed earlier in the thread. I've used the measuring tape mod to help me out with that, so I guess it appears even larger due to the real-world scale I used compared to actually scaling it down some. Though technically, it will be a bit larger in dimensions due to only having measured the length up to the bottom of the keel, not taking into account the size it would be when fully built up, but these are mere technicalities.

Yep, using red wool, Ben, and I hadn't thought about the breeding, but you're right. It should be much easier. Also, apparently sheep will be able to regrow their wool in the future. I've got one red layer to finish and then I'm starting the black layer. My plan is to have it look like it's sailing, with smoke and all. And Iceberg.

Gebirg, I actually haven't done anything to the underside. Something this huge is a bit problematic to work underwater with, so understandably there's nothing built up underneath. I'm working from the surface up.

If anyone would like to visit the work in progress, warp Titanic. Although currently the warps aren't active.
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