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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

82. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Blu-ray) - A. Obviously it's Star Wars, and it's pretty great. Watching this movie again brought back some weird repressed memories of being totally freaked out by the Rancor when I was a kid. I can't really grade the Blu-ray transfer because I had just gotten my TV and it wasn't properly calibrated at the time. I think that I'll take the side of blasphemy here and state that the blinking Ewok and the "Nooooo" were actually pretty cool additions. That musical number in Jabba's palace that they added in the first remastering is still cringe-inducing, however. It's the most out of place thing in the entire remastered OT. It's not so much the song as it is the cheesy cartoony CGI that goes with it. I can understand what Lucas was going for there, to lighten the mood for kids (the first 20 minutes of ROTJ is actually pretty grim), but then again that was kind of the point wasn't it? I digress.

83. Robocop - B. Probably my first front to back watching of this movie all the way through. The special effects look surprisingly good on Blu-ray. Does a good job of walking the line between over-the-top action and satirical humor. Very, very funny at times. Definitely worth the $8 I payed for the Blu-ray at Wal-mart.

84. Hellboy (rewatch) - A. I like this movie maybe a little more than it deserves, but hey, it's Del Toro. I loved the Cthulu refs. I think the Hellboy character strikes a great balance between being relatable and all-powerful. You've also got David Hyde Pierce in there and some amazing effects sequences. There are many layers of win to be had here.

85. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition) - A. My first time with the extended editions, which I finally broke down and bought after a financial windfall. I tend to agree with Peter Jackson here in saying that this material is supplemental and not intended to replace the theatrical cuts. The additional material here is nice but, sometimes you just don't want to set aside nearly 4 hours to watch a movie and the theatrical cut hits more or less all of the same notes in less time. It's nice to have both however, this is most definitely my favorite Fantasy series of all time and high up there in my list of favorite movies of all time. There is a lot of talk on the net about how this transfer has too much Green / Cyan but I honestly could not tell at all, it looked great. Probably the greatest-looking Blu-ray I've watched on my new TV, but then I am mostly talking about the costumes and sets here, which you won't find finer examples of in all of cinema. I can't say much about the supplemental material- you've got more Bilbo narration, which is pleasant but hardly necessary; an early reference to the elves leaving middle-earth, which was covered pretty well in the later movies; more Aragorn angst regarding his position as heir to Gondor, but then that probably belonged mostly in the later movies anyway. The extended Lothlorien sequence is probably the most valuable addition, expanding Galadriel a bit as a character and giving Gandalf more of a proper send-off (though, of course, he returns anyway).

86. This is Spinal Tap - B. Manages to still be funny while at the same time feeling dated. A lot of this movie probably worked as shock humor when it was first released but now the concept of the stupid rock/reality television star is so ingrained that it feels a bit pat. Not all the jokes have lost their punch though, the metal detector sequence and of course the "eleven" bits are classics. The songs themselves are also very funny and hold up well.

87. Ghostbusters (rewatch) - A. Pretty uneven Blu-ray transfer which is fairly typical of 80s movies. Petty grainy for about the first 2/3rds of the movie and then clears up for the big effect sequences at the end. The film is a classic of course. Where's the third?

88. Vertigo - A-. Continuing my acquaintance with Hitchcock's classic material. This is a good film but Rear Window has more to like I think (if Rear Window is an A, I have to give this an A-).
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