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Making progress on the Titanic. It's slow, but then I'm also working slowly on it so that I don't get burned out on it. It's big enough that it shows up in the unzoomed c10t map. Last night I finished the floor. Many more of these to come.

That is amazing! Are you using wool for the hull? Because the sheep breeding in 1.0 would make that easier, especially considering baby sheep are now the same colour as their parents. Otherwise, you'd need to kill a lot of squid.

Cutter John wrote: View Post
Next goal is to head down into the Nether, find a castle, and grab myself a blaze rod so I can start brewing potions. So far though its pretty empy. During my one trip down I couldn't even find a Ghast. I guess it takes time for them to respawn.
Ghasts are much rarer since the Nether update, I assume that magma cubes and blazes are using up their mob slots now which makes it less likely ghasts will spawn. The most I saw was two at the same time, which makes building in the Nether much easier.
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