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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Just some random info: credits with "&" mean the writers worked as a team. Credits with "and" mean the second person added/modified the script of the previous person.
That's interesting, I didn't know that, but it does explain why I've seen some credits that use both, which seemed weird to me.

Really, judging the writers based off their credits is pretty much impossible because it's impossible to know who really wrote what. In the Pale Moonlight's script is credited to Michael Taylor, but it was Ron Moore that wrote the final draft, and Taylor described Moore's version as darker and more profound than his. But still, Moore's not getting any points from me for that episode even though it's possible he wrote some of my favourite scenes in the series, and Taylor's not getting any points from it either because he's only credited with four episodes of DS9, thus falling one short of my artificially imposed five-episode rule.

When you look at it like that, you realise just how pointless judging the writers like this is. But at the same time, it makes things a bit more fun as it adds a little competition to the graphs. Watching those lines move up and down the graph is like watching a horse-race... maybe. I've never watched a horse-race so how should I know?

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First I've heard of it, but it bodes well for me.
Well... sadly, the sample size that I used to come to that result was 1, which is 1,066 samples short of what I would have needed for the usual 3% margin or error, and it's certainly a far smaller sample size than I would have liked. Also, I have no data on what male history majors are are like in bed, and my scientific curiosity doesn't extend in that direction.

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Wow, graphs and everything! My impression of Cardassian Yellow is that it's a bit more orangey but overall, I comment your effort. When does S2 commence?
It is a bit orangey, but when I made it more yellow the whole thing looked wrong. It was either this colour or what I came to know as "baby poo green", so I went with this colour.

And season 2 should start tomorrow.
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