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Re: KRAD talks S.C.E. on his podcast

I like ebooks - actually, I prefer both ebooks and printed books for different reasons: ebooks for their searchability and mass portability, printed books for all other purposes (permanent pages, typeface variety, ease of thumbing, my preference for physical objects over virtual, etc.) - but I'm no longer willing to buy any ebooks with DRM, with the possible exception of well-formatted PDFs.

Ultimately formatting is my greatest end-user experience problem with DRM-"protected" ebooks (protected, it seems, only against lawful customers); every one I've purchased or downloaded a sample from has significant formatting issues (PDFs aside). So have the free and otherwise unprotected books I've downloaded, in fairness, but I've been able to edit those to fix those of their issues that aren't related to the drawbacks of current ebook technology.

My second greatest complaint is that, as a Mac and iPhone user, there is no file format that displays well on both my phone and my computer (only PDFs display well on the computer, due to the lack of good epub readers for the Mac; wither iBooks?). Add to those complaints the various problems endemic to epub ebooks, and I really loathe the format.

So, from my point of view, ebook releases aren't "proper" releases, not yet. But I'm sure they soon will be, in five years, in two, in ten.
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