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Re: Comparing the regular Borg to Lore's Rogue Borg

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The Borg are the nearest thing to the horror creatures in Trek...
Nearer than the Remans? I don't think so.
The Remans are clowns and failures. Their one shot at power and they backed the wrong horse (Shinzon), their lives were likely worst after the events of Nemesis than before.

As horror creatures go, it extremely hard to take the Remans seriously.

being failures and having worse lives after the events of the movie don't make them any less of a "horror" creatures, though. if anything it helps their case. Doesn't the horror creature usually die or get defeated at the end of the movie?? Not always but that is usually the case.

They were clearly based off of nosferatu, they were a shunned and tormented race and they live in dark scary caves. the direction was meant to make them seem creepy and scary, with heavy use of dimmed lighting and fog. they are definitely more "horror" than the borg as they appear in TNG, even though the borg are much more threatening (and cooler). I guess they became more "Horror-y" in first contact, and probably voyager too but i didn't watch most of that. But as far as the borg go in TNG the series (i.e. their conception/initial design), i wouldn't really rank them as "more horror" than the remans.
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