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Re: KRAD talks S.C.E. on his podcast

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Only if they are definitely going to get a proper release too ! I am still annoyed about the Typhon Pact one.
eBooks are a proper release. There is no need to also print them. There are plenty of ways to read them depending on what you have. Desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, Reader all work fine to allow you to read eBooks. What to you is not proper about eBooks?
I freely admit that I am old school - books are something solid that are an object of desire in themselves, to be read, collected and enjoyed. I still but CD's and DVD's / Blurays as well.

Yes, I collect things. It's something I do... I like books.
In plain English, you don't like eBooks, you don't think they are proper books and you won't buy them.
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