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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Dude I'm a mathematician and for one thing your graphs need there x- and y-axes labelled. Otherwise the numbers become a little meaningless. Next with histograms what matters is not the curve (sine curve? ) but the spread of frequencies and how they are distributed.

The histogram can be divided in two partitions; the left part being the poor and average episodes, which are slightly more numerous than the right part being the good and excellent episodes.

The bottom line: the spread is skewed to the average episodes, and the median (middle; half of the cumulative frequency 19) would be somewhere around the ranking 4.

Conclusion: from the histogram, and taking the median, the first season of DS9 is somewhat below average.
As a history major in college, I can tell you that that all just went right over my head.
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