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Re: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Movie Discussion

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Well I went and saw the movie on a Saturday morning matinee ($6 admission is pretty hard to beat without waiting for a $1 theater, and I'm not sure where one is around here). Anyway...wasn't as crowded as either New Moon or Eclipse was, but the crowd was sizable considering the 9:20 start.
The audience that I saw it with on Saturday afternoon was pretty big. I was surprised to see several little kids there. I hoped that it wasn't too intense for them.

Honestly I think Eclipse was a better movie than this was, it was just filmed better and didn't have much of a lull unlike Breaking Dawn.
I agree that Eclipse had the best director who knew how to shoot horror and the fights. It helped that Eclipse is still my favorite Twilight book/movie. The book was a good blend of romance and action.

I think that's part of the problem with splitting it into two parts, if it were all one movie it'd be a complete story, but since it's split it's not.
I don't know. I always thought the book could've been cut in two parts. The first part was one part in Bella's life while second was something different.

They picked the best place to end this movie with that cliffhanger. There was no any other place to end it.

Being a girl I enjoyed the wedding part (her dress WAS gorgeous, as was the wedding itself) but got a little bored with the honeymoon stuff until her discovery.
I thought the first half dragged quite a bit until the second half. Once the discovery happened this movie got super intense.

The whole pro-life/pro-choice argument was a bit trite (we all knew which side would win considering the writer and how the book played out) and I didn't remember it being so preachy pro-life in the book, but maybe I misremembered.
I was glad that the writer didn't spend too long on that in the movie. I remember the arguments taking way more space in the book. Bella made her choice about what to do about the baby and the movie moved on from there. There really wasn't any question about not going through with it.

I'm a little disappointed that I have to wait a year, but supposedly they haven't even begun the post-production on Part 2 yet so I can understand.
I think spacing the two movies out over a year is a smart thing. They'll have more time to make a better movie. Waiting a while doesn't really bother me. All the books are already out, so we all know what happens in them already.

They certainly have much more time to develop the new characters. I heard they are going to add a few more scenes to the movie like making the ending more exciting. It will be like the new honeymoon scenes in BD1, things not in the books that were added to make the movies better.
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