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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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7THSEALORD - Now you know very well I am not 'shooting down' the character of KIRK, he is my favorite character.

I am however pointing out the hypocrisy of American Network TV, as juxtaposed by GR's original and hope-filled vision, and that of the constraints placed upon the writers to FORCE the KIRK character to ACT as the socio/politico American Ideal of his era.
I assure you, Cap'n T, I was not singling you out for the sin of shooting down Kirk. That part was truly intended as a general observation.

... And I am not so sure about blaming it all on the Network execs either. Certainly they would cause a lot of problems but, in many ways, the 60s networks were like bureaucracies - it was largely about playing safe, following standard formulas and getting nice predictable results.

GR's "vision"? Um, well, he has been quoted ofttimes since about what he wanted to do. Personally, I have a few reservations about how well it would have done both ratings-wise and fan-wise.
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