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I just google it and see if it turns up a link on the minecraft forums.
Yeah, I know. I do that too, but it seems every modder uses those file hosting services, so you can never have a direct link as the download link is hidden by whatever service they use. I just wish there'd be an internal mod and texturepack updater, so that when you have your texture pack selected, it updates it when there's a new update.

Anyway, one of the first things I noticed about 1.0? Moon phases! We have moon phases, baby! I wonder if this means the wolves will howl at the moon when it's a full moon Werewolves can't be too far behind, can they? In fact, it would be rather neat if they turned into werewolves at night. They're pretty useless as it is, so I'd rather see them do something interesting like that.
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