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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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Miller claimed that the Occupy Movement was, in essence, a bunch of criminals. The arrest records would seem to bear this out. There have been many, many, more arrests than one saw at a Tea Party rally, more than three hundred, in fact.
The Tea Party loses no matter that argument because the Tea Party and its policies would hurt the poor, the ones who have no voice. To compare OWS and the Tea Party is absurd. We're talking about the party that wants to let people without health care die. I will not address Tea Party vs. OWS anymore in this post because it's an absurd comparison.

Now as to the arrests, yes, there have been many. That's what happens when there is civil disobedience. Martin Luther King Jr. was also arrested. I guess the Tea Party is now better than him, too?

And that doesn't include the guy who shot at the White House
That article is so poor that I won't waste time rebutting it. What I will say is that the man in question had very libertarian viewpoints. Is there a group out there that'd like him?

All of which tends to make Miller look at least a bit less crazy than some have alleged.
Not at all.

I suppose one can say "yeah, can't judge an entire movement by 300+ members."

However, the Occupy Movement wants us to think of them as some sort of unified force (hence, the "we are the 99%" rhetoric).
This doesn't even make sense.
We've met before, haven't we?
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