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Re: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Movie Discussion

For a touch of entertainment value:

Spoony Vlogs about the movie.... for an hour and twenty minutes. Behind-the-scenes, it seems Spoony has recently broken up with his girlfriend -or whatever status him and his ex had- and he's going through severe depression and is not coping with it well and has turned to some degree to alcohol. So there's a lot of him ranting in this episode and it gets slightly worse as the alcohol takes effect. You can probably skip around a bit when you can see he's getting into a tangent.

FWIW, Spoony does not like these movies so he rails on this one pretty good. Also with him, via internet audio chat (or Skype or something) is Linkara (Atop the Fourth Wall on Channel Awesome, and some other internet b/vlogger I'm not familiar with.)

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