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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

160. Immortals (C+)
161. J. Edgar (B)
162. City of God (A)
163. Cinema Paradiso (B+)

Watched this with mom earlier today. The process of selecting it really drove home how greatly my tastes diverge from hers, because I had about dozen unwatched films to choose from, and only a handful were suitable for her. I didn't think she'd be much interested in my collection of depressing foreign art films; so instead we went with the crowd-pleasing foreign film.

Anyway, the Blu-Ray I watched is the original theatrical cut; I understand that there's a considerably longer extended version (which was what I was under the impression I had) that, from what I've read, revises your perceptions of it considerably. In any event, the theatrical version that most people saw is a genial movie, though I don't think it's nearly as good as many people say. It has a lot of endearing elements, but never really develops (or, for that matter, tries) to have much of an arc. The most interesting aspects are the presentation of the vanished old culture of cinemagoing (I was reading a piece on the end of music stores earlier today that parallels this). Some of the acting (particularly from the kid) I thought was kind of hammy, but that may just be them being Italian.
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