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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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In short, there are times when you just have to say "#### The Rules. In this case, they are WRONG."
7THSEALORD - Please excuse any difficulties you may have experienced with the 'Driveway' analogy; it was set up as a composite example, of all the actions and attitudes - being in direct conflict with their espoused virtues - demonstrated repeatedly when the Enterprise was, yet again, in the role of Trespassing Invader.

Perhaps the clearest way to express my personal view would be to simply say it this way:

If a body has chosen to operate as an

Imperialist/Expansionist manner,... then at least be an

HONEST Imperialist/Expansionist.

I can find no honor or merit, in such acts which attempt to justify their actions by hiding behind some sort of negotiable morality, variable code-of-ethics, and adjustable set of principles and vacillating honesty.

If one is an Imperialist/Expansionist, then do so as

Genghis Khan,... he was honest about it, and then the 'rules' are never in conflict.

Pardon me, Cap'n T, but I was thinking in terms of following higher codes of morals and ethics that specific rules may not cover. Not shedding all pretense of restraint because it is convenient. Refer my previous two posts.

"Interferance Is Wrong." Nice, easy, simple, no thinking required.. But simple EXISTANCE could (and does) very easily lead to interference in other cultures. On that basis, should the entire United Federation of Planets commit mass suicide? Or maybe it would be enough for all members to just give up entirely on starflight, retire to their respective star systems, and take up navel-gazing instead?

Seen where that last often leads in Trek (and a few other SF shows I can think of) - "superior" races who spend their time saying how superior they are and, when it comes to actually DOING something, are total a##h###s.

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