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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Of course it can be good. It just gets to the point where you have to wonder why they recycle any bits of the original at all; they could just as easily have the show a re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde, or made it something original.
Why did Picasso use live models if his art was so profoundly unlike what live human beings look like? Because every artist needs a starting point, a reference to build from. Art is a process of interpretation. It's not about pulling stuff out of thin air, it's about responding to what came before, building something new on an existing foundation.

Authors and playwrights have always based their works on previous works. The previous work is the inspiration even if the resulting work is transformed into something extremely different. That's just the way creativity happens. Shakespeare's Macbeth bears little resemblance to the history it's based on (the historic Macbeth was a far more benevolent figure, but England's king at the time was descended from Macbeth's enemies so Shakespeare had to make him a villain), but it still grew out of the history. Pretty much all creative works are a response to or outgrowth of earlier creations, sometimes more directly than others.

Or there could be less highfalutin explanations, like maybe the network/studio already bought the idea from Marvel and then happened to assign it to a producer who didn't like the comics and tried to get as far away from them as possible. But that's still a form of creative response to a prior work.
I think the less high-falutin' explanation is more likely. As you say, writers throughout the ages have been inspired (both positively and negatively) by other or prior writers; most of them have used that inspiration to create something original. Forbidden Planet was inspired by The Tempest, but it was neither slavishly derivative nor did it recycle names and terminology. If it did, it would have been weaker; as it is, it stands as a classic in its own right. If the producers of the original Hulk TV show wanted to combine the theme of the inner demon with The Fugitive, they should have created something original. But the real answer is that they took what was felt to be a marketable commodity and they mainstreamed it to reach a wider audience.

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they could just as easily have the show a re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde,
ABC's got two of those under development.
And the Hulk character is a re-imagining of the Jekyll and Hyde concept, but done in an original way.
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