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Re: Phlox and Archer's actions in Dear Doctor

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Ah, here it comes again, the "all forms of intervention are really forms of imperialism in disguise" argument. I wasn't sure we'd get through a thread on the PD without someone bringing that up.
You've thoroughly failed to address it, of course. In fact, you couldn't if you tried.

That's because there's no real answer to it, in this context.

All of these wonderful arguments about the morality of the Prime Directive in the Star Trek context that assume it has any referent in the real world are failures from their initial premise.

The notion that "folks are the same all over" in cultural respects is underthough tripe. Star Trek pretends that human and non-human creatures would be so similar with respect to basic drives, instincts, and consciousness (if the last even obtained) that their values would be more confortably close to one another - that is, identical - than that of GOP and Democratic voters in the United States.


"All forms of intervention" between a space-traveling, super-technological species and a less technologically advanced species (not "races," not "peoples," but at species and in fact essentially different kinds of life above the level of abstraction of the so-called "kingdoms") would not be "imperialism."

It would be genocide.

Fortunately, none of us will experience this - there's not one good reason to believe now that it will ever happen.

But, you know, we're free to keep having these hair-splitting, meaningless debates over vapor.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to address because you haven't made an argument.

You've just asserted that it would be disastrous based on your say-so.

it's an assertion based on a hypothetical.

I might just as well "respond" to your choice of favorite ice cream flavor.
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