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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Okay, so how come nobody wants to talk about the actual episode this week?
One of the show's most awesome.
I thought it was dreadful. It was like they thought "Let's do a Hearts of Darkness parody!" "OK!" and then forged ahead without realizing that it wasn't funny. They also seem to be taking the only remaining funny character, Dean Pelton, and ruining what makes him funny, the same way S2 Chang was not funny like S1 Seņor Chang.

I said way, way up-thread that S2 had moved Community off my "must see" list, but I usually watch it with "Parks and Rec" and The Office. At first I thought S3 would bring it back, but it has been inconsistent, meandering and just not very funny. I don't know what kind of a show they are going for, but it seems like "comedy" is a ways down the list. In-jokes, obscure references, meta gimmicks and self-conscious quirkiness are not funny in and of themselves. So, if the show doesn't come back after its shortened season, I won't be surprised, or miss it.

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