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Re: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Movie Discussion

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You forgot about the parts here lame pop music plays and people stare "meaningfully" into space.
This has been around since the first movie. Remember that these movies are aimed at the teen audience and soundtracks need to be sold. At least the soundtracks have gotten good reviews on Amazon though.

And I would just like to state that if you are a vampire doctor and it takes you a couple of months to realize that the half-vampire baby might need blood... well, you should retunr your medical license to whatever cracker jack box you got it from.
I heard three weeks not three months. Bella would be a corpse if she had not had eaten for that long.

While he was a doctor that was a vampire, he wasn't a doctor on vampires. He only had a medical license on humans. This is something new to him. None of them knew what the hell was going on.

Also, I thought Twi-pires sparkled in the sunlight? Because none of these do.
I thought that was a mistake or the writers decided to ignore it in this movie.
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