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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Simple observation: ANY discussion of Kirk has the potential to slide over into the whole Prime Directive thing, which is undoubtedly a popular subject around here anyhow.

Sorry, Cap'n T, I find your 'Spectre Of The Gun' analogy to be bizarre and almost incomprehensible. As best I recall (and it isn't like this is an episode I enjoy watching repeatedly), Kirk did not actually punch anyone in the nose nor did he wave anybody's Constitution in anybody else's face. I do recall that the Melkotians eventually chose to talk wth Kirk and, after hearing what he had to say, said they were willing to talk further with the Federation.

If Kirk was the guy who was illegally parked, then the Melkotians are the nutjobs who responded by trying to murder him on sight - without even pretending to hear him out first - and calling it a justifiable execution. Only when the whole execution thing fell apart did the Melkotians actually try hearing him out. OTOH, maybe this whole shebang was merely the Melkotian way of screening visitors. Be assured that anyone who gets through all that probably has something important to say.

Counter-analogy. I don't know if this was the actual case, but see nothing against it as an explanation either. Would certainly explain why SFC was so hell-bent on establishing communications no matter what.

Suppose a previously uncommunicative (and possibly unknown) alien race suddenly and arbitrarily imposes a "No-Go Zone" in a specific volume of space previously thought of as unclaimed and/or only used by you. This causes problems. Maybe this annexation blocks important trade routes, or interferes with Star Fleet movements to/from a particular frontier, or whatever.

They don't respond to any messages from you, and you don't know anyone else they might talk to who could act as a go-between. So, do you suffer in noble and principled silence, or do you respond with immediate all-out war, or do you send in someone to at least try and open polite dialogue with these guys?

Don't answer straight away.

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