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Re: Endless list of Treklit trivia

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1000 years ago, a plague killed 90% of the Nausicaan population. (Double Helix #2: Vectors)
I assume the implication is supposed to be that their social infrastructure collapsed because of this? That whatever systems of government and law they had in place beforehand were replaced by lawless might-makes-right mentality, roving bands of survivors, etc? And this set the tone for what followed. Hence why an advanced spacefaring species now seems composed largely of thugs and violent gangs?
I guess so - but it would mean the Nausiccans were in space ten centuries ago!
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I can't remember which novel this was, but some of the Enterprise crew in TOS literally had no first names, only last.
I think that's Gene's TMP novelization. In vaguely related trivia, according to early Best of Trek books, at conventions in the 70's, George Takei claimed Sulu's first name was Walter.
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