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DS9 Season 10, ep 10x11 - "Harmony" (part 1 of 2)

Previously, on Deep Space Nine Season 10...

Original discussion thread, covering Episodes 1 to 7
Discussion thread for Episode 8
Discussion thread for Episode 9
Discussion thread for Episode 10

Direct links to the PDFs of episodes 1 to 10:

10x01 - "Emancipation"
10x02 - "Brave New World"
10x03 - "Steppin' Out"
10x04 - "Easy Come, Easy Go"
10x05 - "Deep Down"
10x06 - "The Dream Box"
10x07 - "Instinct"
10x08 - "Property Values"
10x09 - "Blank Slate"
10x10 - "In Two Minds"

And now, direct link to download episode 11:

10x11 - "Harmony"

As the thread title suggests, this is the first half of my big mid-season two-parter in which - if I may be so bold - shit gets real.


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