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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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It's fascinating to me that so many Hulk fans these days are fans of the TV show as well as the comics, given that the show was as far from the comics as its creator could possibly make it. It really gives the lie to the assumption of modern fans that any adaptation that isn't slavishly accurate can't be any good. The Incredible Hulk proved that you can change everything except the most basic defining elements -- even the character's name -- and still produce something good and worthwhile. (At least, if what you put in their place is good in its own right. No denying that there are plenty of unfaithful adaptations that failed.)
Of course it can be good. It just gets to the point where you have to wonder why they recycle any bits of the original at all; they could just as easily have the show a re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde, or made it something original.
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