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Re: Phlox and Archer's actions in Dear Doctor

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Apples and oranges. Human ethics aren't interspecies ethics. That's the essence of the Prime Directive which I pointed out before.
Well you were making comparisons to past societies on Earth in your arguments, why would I not do the same?

So being cruelly indifferent towards the plight of other humans is wrong, but being cruelly indifferent to the plight of other sentient aliens is okay. How does that work?

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Punish, let them die, your choice of words implies that you consider the Enterprise crew to be the supreme agent in this game. They are not. If they were they wouldn't be a Starfleet crew anymore but an imperial force which arbitrarily assists one species at the cost of another.
I think at the point when they developed the cure, they did become the supreme agent in this game. They had the power to prevent a mass slaughter and they did nothing. They had the cure, giving to the Valakans would take no effort and I don't see how the Valakans mistreatment of the Menk justifies letting them die in plague. Valakan society could have changed in the future, they could have had reforms and changed in the future. But the Valakans dying off due to this plague can never be undone. The mistreatment of the Menk was bad, but its easier to mitigate that then the destruction of the Valakan race.

I don't see much different between Archer and Phlox in this episode and the leaders in the West who did nothing to prevent the Rwanda genocide.

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Many species roam the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. Starfleet is not responsible for the fate of them. Just imagine all the species the Klingon have subjugated. If you helped them you would unleash a catastrophic war with the Klingon Empire. Sure, it would be a war fought for noble causes but it'd be nonetheless catastrophic.
If the Klingons were human I'd be the first one to argue for military action against them. But they are not which brings us back to the beginning, the zero level of the Prime Directive.
There is a huge middle ground between controlling other societies and micro managing everything they do and being indifferent to the destruction of an entire species. As usual, the best solution is found in between these two extremes.

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By the way, you folks who call Archer a psychopathic would have to call the whole Vulcan species psychopathic as well because they refused to help humankind while they have been in dire need of help during the second half of the 21st century.
Was humanity as certain to die as the Valakans were in this episode? Because this episode presents it as an almost certainty they will. If the Vulcans knew humanity would almost certainly die and did nothing to help, they would be psychopathic.

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