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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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7THSEALORD - Can you expand upon that?, I would like hear more on that perspective.

If following the Prime Directive means being passive-aggressive stupid - to the extent of allowing the rest of the Galaxy to ride roughshod over you - then you have a serious problem.

Principles are good, important to both individuals and cultures. But they are not all that is needed - no person or culture has ever survived genuine danger just by being principled or nice. They survive by being smart, or strong, or adaptable, or sometimes just plain lucky. Especially (but not only) in war.
7THSEALORD - Another outstandingly lucid post, yet again.

HOWEVER, where I have a philosophical difficulty is that in the vast majority of cases, the difference is that the representatives of the UFP, being in this case its SFC arm, act as INVADERS and AGGRESSORS.


In the episode, 'Specter of the Gun', operating under direct orders from SFC to establish initial contact and establish communications with an Alien culture, who's location is apparently of importance only to the UFP.

Upon reaching a deep-space territorial boarder, a warning buoy establishes contact with the Starship and informs same that their culture/government has no interest in, and will not engage in communications, or having its, until then, peaceful boards violated by invaders.

So what happens?

The Starship drives AROUND the buoy, and invades.

Once that line is crossed, sad to say, the UFP becomes the transgressing invader of the story.


To often we have seen situations portrayed which in our World would be like:

A guy who flies across the world to your locale airport, drives across town, parks his car in the driveway at your house,...

and when you return home, being blocked out,... you tell him to get off your property, he then punches you in the nose, and, as his boss told him to do park in your driveway, and besides you didn't cut your grass on Saturday like everyone where he comes from.

So the only guy that is actually justified in this story would be you in beating the tar out of the INVADING TRESPASSER.

So for the guy who is illegally on your property to then start mouthing off about his Foreign Governments Constitution, after he has invaded you, beat you up, and told you to wash your dirty dishes, and take down that ugly velvet Elvis painting in your living room, is just too much.

Watch that teaser of 'Specter', and see yourself as the folks living out in deep space, not wanting, asking, or NEEDING anything to do with the UFP, and have the right and power to defend themselves against such violators of THEIR RIGHTS.

So,... while I totaly agree with your post, it is provided WE are not the ones FIRST Trespassing, and then becoming the Invading Villian.

and if one trespasses and then acts against those he trespassed against,.. he is but a CRIMINAL.

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Anyway, that is the part I cannot get around.
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