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Re: Endless list of Treklit trivia

Spock graduated from Starfleet Academy at the age of 19, having completed an accelerated course of study especially prepared for Vulcan cadets. (Vulcan's Glory)

Prior to his service aboard the Enterprise under Captain Pike, Spock served as an assistant science officer aboard a space cutter for three years, and then an additional two years serving as third officer aboard the USS Artemis, under Captain Daniels. (Vulcan's Glory)

In its early days, Starfleet had a policy of recruiting "highly intelligent individuals". However, following a Vulcan report on the pitfalls of that particular policy, Starfleet Academy recruited a class of students with "limited intelligent agility". Among this class was James T. Kirk. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture novelization)

During his time at the Academy, Leonard McCoy served as Kirk's dorm monitor and, on at least one occassion, caught the younger man sneaking out to an inappropriate party. (The Captain's Table: War Dragons)
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