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Re: Endless list of Treklit trivia

The original feud between Tellarites and Andorians began when Tellar's new world-government was presented the sacred colAndor scrolls by an Andorian delegation - then refused to give them back. (Gateways: Doors Into Chaos) (It's not really explained, but I wonder if the Tellarites were simply taking the opportunity to start a really big argument and then became offended when the Andorians misread their Civil overtures as true aggression?).

The three Andorians who crewed the original Kumari were Shetthius, Shintral, and Chorna (Mission Gamma: Twilight -- the three are named as the first Andorians to circumnavigate their globe. Enterprise later named the first ship to do so as Kumari).

In one of those "astonishing coincidences", Nausicaans apparently worship "the Four Winds". (Warpath). Or is "Nausicaan" some Human translator's take on a name meaning "people of the wind?"

Tiburonian scholars have a reputation, at least among Humans, for being brilliantly clever but "difficult" (Double Helix: Quarantine). Interesting, given the Tiburonians' love-hate relationship with science (Unspoken Truth) and the depiction of their homeworld as both aggressively "progressive" scientifically/technologically while supporting large traditionalist tribes like Ledrah's (Titan: The Red King).

Deep blue is a colour associated with royalty among Thallonians - only the Imperial Family may wear it (Double Helix: The First Virtue). I wonder how imperious the UFP emblem looks to Thallonian eyes?

The leader of the Holy Order of the Kinshaya is the Pontifex Maxima; as the title suggests, typically a female. The current PM is Ykredna. (The Struggle Within) And another nation has its government fleshed out! Now, who leads the Sheliak Corporate? For all I know, it's Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
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