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Endless list of Treklit trivia

Random, specific tidbits of trivia from Star Trek books, comics, etc. Just for fun. No big spoilers. It doesn’t matter if they fit into current continuity or not. If you add one, include a citation.

The Kikmu and the Petraw were using quantum torpedoes over a century before the Federation. (Gateways #1: One Small Step)

One of Dr. Pulaski’s ex-husbands was Bajoran. (Double Helix #2: Vectors)

1000 years ago, a plague killed 90% of the Nausicaan population. (Double Helix #2: Vectors)

Sulu was born on Alpha Mensa Five (Spock: Messiah!) (according to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Sulu was born in San Fransisco)

The largest gas giant in Federation space is called “T’Pol’s World” (Captain’s Peril)
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