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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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And BTW, not all publishers are going through Agents these days.
Fully aware of that, but you specifically asked about Pocket - and they insist on a recognized literary agent. No other publisher can consider a tie-in Star Trek novel because Pocket/Gallery holds an exclusive license.

You need to check who wants submissions directly and in what form they are asking for them. A polite inquiry letter via their website will usually find out or sometimes their websites already have instructions from them.
Or "Writers' Market", if it's still a hardcopy annual book.

And the only way authors get a start is to create something they believe there is a market for and then convince an agent and publisher they are right about that! In other words, here is a possible market spot for somebody wanting to get their beginning
But new authors don't pitch "Relaunch" type ST novels, as I explained earlier.

If Janeway books were selling, they'd be getting written and being published. As they are not (sales and figures are what count here), they are not being created.
No one ever said Janeway novels weren't selling. "Mosaic" and "Captain's Table: Fire Ship" are essentially solo novels about Janeway and they both sold well. But that means that Janeway's early career has been covered ("Mosaic"), and the period where she cut her hair short and lost the "bun of steel" ("Fire Ship"). But "Endgame" moved her character to the Alpha Quadrant and "Nemesis" promoted her to admiral, giving orders to Picard, so the Pocket editors mapped out what they thought was a juicy, ongoing controversy to ensure the new VOY series books got better acclaim than "Spirit Walk", the last Christie Golden duology of VOY's Relaunch. And, thus, "TNG: Before Dishonor" and "VOY: Full Circle" did something fresh and interesting. And controversy gets free publicity. Janeway was just one of numerous main characters in VOY and, as an admiral, she wasn't necessarily an essential ingredient for a return to a shipbound book series.

BTW, Janeway is back in the Michael Martin novel based on the "ST Online" game, in a storyline that takes a different tangent that the regular novels.
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