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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

sonak wrote: View Post
what a random combination of favorites, as they're almost total opposites.
Exactly but, so far, only those two ST movies have given me that extraordinarily immersive experience, where I get so totally sucked in by the premise, sets, alien makeups, uniforms, SPFX, dialogue and music that I feel like I'm actually on that ship. Thirty years apart, but amazingly close.

sonak wrote: View Post
Though I think that TWOK is a better choice if that's the reasoning, because though TMP was a box office hit, it was a critical flop and a huge disappointment, fan-wise.
Not to this fan. TMP was essentially my introduction to ST, knowing only random TAS and a few TOS episodes. Imagine my surprise joining a ST club in 1980 and finding out that most ST fans I met hated the movie. Luckily, TMP drew in others who loved TMP, so I hung around with them. By contrast, ST II (which I could see was more of a crowd pleaser) was veering my ST away from my favourite, almost erasing TMP from other fans' memories, which is what Harve Bennett was employed to do.

22 Stars wrote: View Post
People choose favorite films not just because of their face value content, but also because of what they represent to them emotionally. I can totally understand the two Therin chooses. They both represent a rebirth of Trek in the mainstream with artistic flair and grandeur.
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