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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 7: Confrontation
18 February 2710
Deep beneath Ilkona City
The Doctor and Felicia entered a large underground chamber from the staircase they had just descended.
“He must have extended a natural cave,” Felicia said.

“I agree,” the Doctor said.

They walked into the chamber, which was decorated with scenes from Earth’s history. They could also see many instances of the TARDIS in the motifs.

“Doctor,” she said, pointing at one of the instances of the TARDIS in a motif.


“There are representations of the TARDIS in this mural, covering many periods of history,” she said.

“I may have met him before,” the Doctor said.

‘Great!’ Felicia thought. They continued towards the end of the chamber where the person attempting to take over Ilkona waited.

They were met at the door to the inner chamber by a robot. “My master awaits you Doctor, and Miss Lovell,” he said. He ushered them in.

They saw a large table dominating a room reminiscent of the chamber outside. The person attempting to take over Ilkona was standing behind it.

“So you are the infamous Doctor, the Oncoming Storm, the last of the Time Lords of Gallifrey,” he said.

“I am the Doctor, and you are trying to take over Ilkona for your own ends! For what purpose are you doing this?”

“For what purpose, you ask, Doctor? I answer with a question of my own. Why not?” the person who was attempting to take over Ilkona said, in response.

“I ask you, right now, to give up your plans to take over this planet!” the Doctor said, with a warning tone.

“What will you do to stop me, Doctor? Is that what you ask all of your other antagonists, before you stop their plans?”

“It varies, but yes, I do ask them all that. Except the Daleks; them I just oppose,” the Doctor said. The antagonist walked out from behind the desk and stood in front of the Doctor.

“There is nothing you can do to stop me from taking over Ilkona, Doctor. You may have caused some setbacks, but that is it,” he said.

Felicia saw that his attention was focused on the Doctor, so she acted. She walked around the 2 of them and approached the desk.

“Are you willing to put that to the test? And another question; do you intend on stopping with Ilkona, or taking over more planets for whatever scheme you are planning?” the Doctor asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” the antagonist said.

The Doctor stared.

The antagonist glared back and smirked.
He then turned back to his desk, to find Felicia trying to look at his files.
“I wouldn’t bother, sweetheart. They are all password protected. You would never be able to crack them!” he said.

“Great!” Felicia said.

The villain produced a firearm from his pocket. “Now. I suggest stepping away from the desk!” he said.

“Afraid I would actually crack your passwords?” Felicia asked as she raised her hands. She knew it would be a long shot, but stranger things had happened.

“Not at all,” the villain said, he raised his energy weapon.

Felicia leapt aside.
“Now!” she yelled, as the energy beam scorched past her. The Doctor activated the sonic screwdriver.

The villain laughed. “Your companion is quite agile, but I doubt that your sonic screwdriver would be able to crack my systems!” ‘I have made sure of that!’ he thought.

“The sonic screwdriver may not...” the Doctor deadpanned. He had other ideas in mind.

“What are you up to?” the villain asked. Then an echoing sound answered him. “No! Activate anti-TARDIS defences,” he said. ‘You didn’t expect this, Doctor,’ he thought.

The TARDIS continued to materialise as a computer voice said, “Anti-TARDIS defences active.

‘I hope he hasn’t gained Dalek technology. That would be quite a bother,’ the Doctor thought.

The TARDIS completed its materialisation. “Anti-TARDIS defences have failed,” the computer said.

“What!” the villain said.

“Whatever technology you’re using would probably have been effective against an older model of TARDIS, than a Type 40. Especially an upgraded Type 40,” the Doctor said, as the TARDIS door opened and Kiara and Tamsin stepped out. Both of them were smiling.

The villain was fuming.
“You cannot succeed in stopping me, Doctor! The Empire will do nothing. As will the Shadow Proclamation.”

“Actually, both authorities are quite interested in how your conspiracy got so advanced so quickly,” Tamsin said.

“A Proclamation Investigation Vessel and the 32nd Terran Battlefleet are on their way here,” Kiara said.

“They can’t wait to get here!” Tamsin said.

“Very good, Tamsin and Kiara! Now, no matter what happens in the next 10 minutes, you will loose,” the Doctor said.

“As much as you may have unravelled much of my conspiracy in Ilkona City, Doctor, I still have much tricks up my sleeve. There is still much conspiracy left!” the villain said.

“That may be the case...” the Doctor began, but he was interrupted...

“You may have penetrated my inner sanctum, but I am prepared!” the villain said, and pressed a button on the desk.

Previously invisible doors opened and small robots came swarming out, towards the intruders.

“Yikes!” Felicia said, leaping over the table and past the villain, avoiding his grabbing action.

“That can’t be good!” Tamsin said.

The Doctor looked at the metallic swarm and said, “Into the TARDIS!” He, Tamsin, Kiara and Felicia ran into the TARDIS and slammed the doors.

The robotic swarm surrounded the TARDIS and began firing energy weapons at its exterior.

The villain laughed a kind of laugh that wouldn’t have been out of place in old 20th Century spy films.

The Doctor rushed to the console.

“What are they, Doctor?” Tamsin asked.

“The weaponry they are using shows signatures common to Cybermen and Sontaran weaponry,” the Doctor said. Kiara then noticed something else on the console readouts.

“Doctor, the Exterior Block Computational Field is losing its integrity,” she said.

“Is that what it says?” the Doctor asked in disbelief.

“Yes!” Kiara said.

“But that is impossible with Cybermen, or Sontarran weaponry,” the Doctor rapidly said.

“Perhaps it is a synergistic effect?” Tamsin asked.

“That would make sense,” the Doctor mused.

“The Field is at 90%, Doctor!” Kiara said.

“We have to retreat,” the Doctor said. He set the TARDIS in motion.

“Not too soon,” Tamsin said.

‘Thank Airyt,’ Kiara thought.

Ilkona City Central Park
The TARDIS materialised twelve minutes later in the Park. The Doctor stepped out and examined the exterior damage. The wooden exterior of the Police Box was rather scorched. He ran his hand around the outside of the ship.
“Quite a hit, isn’t it old girl. A few hours and you will be good as new!” he said.

“A few hours, Doctor? I don’t think we have a few hours,” Tamsin said, as she came out of the TARDIS.

“Oh?” the Doctor asked.

“It is likely that Mr. Vile, if that is his real name, would send his robots out over the city,” Tamsin said.

“The Imperial fleet will be here in four hours, and the Proclamation in five,” Kiara said.

“True,” the Doctor said.

“What can we do against Vile’s machines?” Felicia said. ‘There would be too many for him to deal with using the sonic,’ she thought.

“He isn’t just going to send them out. He would be tracking the TARDIS somehow. He knew that I had arrived in any case. We will wait until the machines are in the park and then go back to his lair,” the Doctor said.

“And then what? It isn’t likely that he will send all of them out,” Felicia said.

“No, he wouldn’t but they would have less of an impact on the TARDIS and would give me a chance to get into his systems,” the Doctor said.

“I guess so,” Kiara said.

“We can prepare in the meantime,” the Doctor said.

‘Of course,’ Kiara thought.

Two hours later, an alarm rang in the console room. The Doctor looked at the scanner. “They’re here,” he said.

“Let’s do it then,” Tamsin said.

“Right,” the Doctor said, as he pushed a lever forwards. The TARDIS began to dematerialise. “Here we go.”

Tamsin and Felicia got into position near the door. ‘I hope I am right,’ Tamsin thought.

Vile’s Hideout
The TARDIS materialised in the same position that it had been in a couple hours before. The Doctor immediately began his attempt to hack the villain’s computers.

Felicia and Tamsin stepped outside the TARDIS. The lair looked deserted. “This can’t be right,” Tamsin said.

“You may be right. It could be a trap,” Felicia said.

“I’m sure that the Doctor would know that,” Tamsin said.

Felicia leaned against the side of the TARDIS. “I would feel better if someone warned him nevertheless,” she said.

“I will tell him,” Tamsin said, noticing that Felicia was a little subdued. ‘She still misses her Doctor, or her home.’

Tamsin ducked back into the TARDIS. “The lair looks deserted. It could be a trap,” she said.

“Of course it could be a trap, Tamsin,” the Doctor said. He turned to Kiara. “Watch the scanner, whilst I attempt to hack his systems.

Kiara nodded the affirmative and Tamsin rejoined Felicia. The Doctor began his hacking attempt.

“The Doctor is now hacking,” Tamsin said, as she came out of the TARDIS.

“Good,” Felicia said, hoping that Vile wouldn’t have Dalek malware to infect the TARDIS with. ‘That would cause a paradox for sure,’ she thought. That was something that she didn’t want to cause.

Five minutes later, Felicia and Tamsin saw Vile re-enter the lair.

“I knew that you would come back!” he said.

“Of course we came back,” Felicia said.

“You have lost, admit it!” Tamsin said.

“You and the Time Lord may believe that, but I still have aces up my sleeves,” Vile said.

Felicia raised an eyebrow. “Dalek malware?”

Vile laughed “Of course not, Ms. Lovell. Dalek software is like the Daleks themselves, non trustworthy,” he said.

“Just making sure,” Felicia said.

“Dalek malware?” Tamsin asked.

“Spoilers,” Felicia said.

“Oh, yeah, like that Ms. Song we keep running into,” Tamsin said.

“There is a story there, I am sure,” Felicia said. ‘Whoever that Ms. Song is...’ she thought.

“Absolutely,” Tamsin said.

Felicia smiled.

Tamsin turned to Vile. “What are you waiting for?”

“Good question, Ms. Davis. I thought you two were distracted for a moment there. The Doctor is going hit a snag in his hacking attempt in a few seconds,” Vile said. He looked at his wrist chronometer. “Two, one.”

“What sort of snag?” Tamsin asked.

There was a cry of annoyance from the TARDIS and the Doctor dashed out. “Of course you would pilfer Proclamation Secure Virtualisation software to hide your files!” he said.

“By the time you will have countered the security the files will be elsewhere. In the meantime your TARDIS is vulnerable!” Vile said.

“Time Lord firewalls are the best, the TARDIS has multiple firewalls protecting all of its systems,” the Doctor said.

“All firewalls have their weaknesses, Doctor. I have software trying to find those vulnerabilities as we speak,” the villain said.

“And all this doesn’t change the fact that the authorities are still on their way here,” Kiara said as she came out of the TARDIS.

“No, but I have plans for that!” Vile said. He walked over to his desk and pressed a button.
“The battle robots are on their way back here,” he said.

“And I can bring the Proclamation ship and the Battlefleet here right now,” the Doctor said.
“Somehow I don’t think you are going to do that!” Vile said.

The Doctor and the villain stared at the other for a few minutes, both trying to decide what to say next.

The companions retreated to the TARDIS. Felicia closed the doors. “What would you say if I said that I have a plan?” she asked.

“I would ask you what it is,” Tamsin said.

“Better than nothing, I guess,” Kiara said.

“So, what are you planning?” Tamsin asked.

“We get him into the TARDIS and the Doctor takes him to the incoming authorities,” Felicia said.

“I suppose so, but how are we going to get him into the TARDIS?” Tamsin asked. ‘He would be quite wary of any tricks, that we may try.’

“We will tackle him and push him into the TARDIS?” Felicia mused.

“I can use my powers to ensure that he goes into the TARDIS,” Kiara suggested.

“You know, that might just work,” Tamsin said, with a smirk. ‘Definitely,’ she thought.

“Let’s do it!” Felicia said as she exited the TARDIS.

Tamsin and Kiara followed her out.

“You will not defeat me, Doctor!” Vile said.

“Maybe not, but, I don’t have to,” the Doctor said.

“What?” Vile asked.

“Now!” the Doctor, said to Tamsin and Kiara.

“Aaaaaagggghhhhhhh!!!!” Tamsin shouted as she slammed into the villain.

“What are you doing?” Vile asked, as he grappled with Tamsin.

“What do you think?” Kiara said as she produced an ice wall behind Tamsin and Vile, blocking the latter’s escape.

“That’s impossible!” Vile said.

“Not if you’re from Tyria!” Kiara said, she also grabbed the villain and together with Tamsin and Felicia, pushed him into the TARDIS.

The Doctor quickly followed his companions in as the robots surrounded the ship and began firing.

The TARDIS dematerialised.

Shadow Proclamation Vessel Tiara

The TARDIS materialised on the vessel’s bridge. The Doctor stepped out.

“The Doctor, I presume,” the commander of the Shadow Proclamation expedition asked. Unlike the crew of the vessel (who were Judoon) the commander was human.

“Yes. I am the Doctor and I have captured the villain whom was attempting to take over Ilkona.”

“Very good Doctor, that will save us having to scour the entire planet for him. Where is he?”

“He is in one of the TARDIS’s holding cells,” the Doctor said.

“Good. Captain, lead a team to the holding cells and bring him out,” the commander said.

“I will lead you through the TARDIS,” the Doctor said.

“Of course,” the commander said.

The Doctor entered the TARDIS.

Vile was seething behind the force field that was holding him in the holding cell. “You think that just because you’re his companions that you can get away with this?” he asked.

“Yes,” Felicia said.

“I can get away with it,” Kiara said.

“The TARDIS is on a Proclamation Vessel. Where would you go?” Tamsin asked.

“This ship is a regular Labyrinth. I can get lost in here, and the Doctor wouldn’t be able to find me. I bet I can use some of his secrets against him,” Vile said.

“He would look for you and eventually find you. In the meantime it would stay on the Proclamation ship,” Felicia said.

“You will be captured eventually,” Tamsin said.

“They would not give up,” Kiara said.

“Let’s wait and see shall we,” the villain said.


Five minutes later, the Doctor and the Judoon troops arrived at the holding cells. He input a code sequence and deactivated the force field. The Judoon captain immediately put handcuffs on Vile.

“You are under arrest. Crime: Conspiracy to overthrow a legal government. Sentence will be proclaimed at a later time. You will be escorted out of this Time Lord vessel into Shadow Proclamation custody.”

“You brutes, mindlessly following orders!” Vile shouted as he was lead out of the holding cell.

“If there are any further negative vocalisations, you will be gagged!” the Judoon captain said.

Vile grumbled.

“The TARDIS layout can change in a short period, follow me,” the Doctor said.

“Yes, Doctor,” the Judoon captain said.

“You think this is the end of it?” Kiara said.

“The end of it for the Doctor, certainly. For Vile, the hurt is just beginning,” Tamsin said.

“Of course,” Kiara said in response to the latter statement.

‘Absolutely,’ Felicia thought.

The Doctor exited the TARDIS with the Judoon captain and his prisoner. “Here is Vile,” the Doctor said.

“Very good, Doctor,” the Proclamation commander said.

“And now I must go,” the Doctor said.

“Must you?” the commander asked.

The Doctor soon re-entered the TARDIS.
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