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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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You could contact Simon and Schuster to see whether they accept manuscripts directly or via an agent.
I can already tell you. Yes, you need a recognised literary agent, but you only send a proposal and a few sample chapters. You are asked not to write any more of your novel until contacted by the Pocket editor (and perhaps asked to finish the book incorporating changes that would be needed to have it pass muster with CBS Consumer Products). But this novel is more like a job application, to get you noticed among the hundreds of other new applicants - and then, if you are selected to pitch, it is more likely that the editor will commission a whole new novel with you, rather than the one you suggested with your first manuscript.

You novel should be set squarely within the canonical series you are writing for: ie. a "typical", self-contained Voyager episode. Not a sequel or prequel and not a crossover with other TV series or ST novels/comics. Any new version of a post-Relaunch story would go straight to the Reject pile. (Save that idea for if you get to pitch.) This process is a job interview. If you don't follow the directions, you are seemingly suggesting that you won't play by the boss's rules on future assignments.

When John Ordover was on the editorial staff at Pocket, he also used to say that new writers who already had two original (ie. non Star Trek) science fiction novel sales under their belt were more likely to impress him. They had already proven to him that they had the stamina to finish a whole novel, create original characters, write in the genre and meet deadlines.

The odds are astronomical. There are only 12 slots a year and most of these go to well established, professional writers who are also well established as reliable ST authors with the Pocket staff.
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