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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Awww! I liked Kozik.

Chib's explanation to Juice for SAMCRO's apparently racist rules makes no sense whatsoever. (And have they ever explained what the rules are, specifically?) So I'm sticking with the assumption that they're more concerned with tribal issues than racial per se. They just don't want to worry that a recruit's ethnicity/race will cause him to have divided loyalties. Poor Juice probably wanted to scream, why didn't you dumb fuckers explain that to me a long time ago???

But Juice can't confess the whole story. Whatever the reason, it's unforgivable that he betrayed the club to the Feds, killed a loyal club member, and then sullied his memory by accusing him of being the betrayer. If Juice tells the truth, the club will kill him.

My bets are:

Tara isn't the person who Clay hurts that upsets Jax next week. Instead, it's Gemma - she gets in the way to defend Tara and Clay shoots her. I doubt she'll die (there's no way this show can lose Gemma!) but I could see her being paralyzed or something along those lines.

Opie is going to die.

Clay will be in prison or on the run.

Tig isn't going to leave SAMCRO after all because if Clay is gone, they need to stick together.
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