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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Finally broke down and bought a foam-type hair color. I have to accept that it's time to start dying my hair. Too much gray to ignore.
Even if I go entirely grey within the next year, I will never dye my hair. I refuse to!
Like my father, i started getting random greys here and there. But like, all of a sudden! There were none and then suddenly *boom*. I've not taken to "dying" my hair per se, but i have been having fun going with crazy colors. I'm not bleaching my hair first, so i don't get PINK! hair, but more like a pink sheen that can't really be seen unless i'm in the sun. The greys pick it up nicely (they pretty much go pink totally). I've also tried blue and candy apple red. But i like the pink the best. Don't know if i'll ever go the 'real' dye route or not. I always said i wouldn't but i've learned never say never!

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I bought a water dragon...

What is a water dragon?

Last week was my birthday so i received some birthday money. It was like, totally burning a hole in my pocket, so yesterday i went out in the raw, rainy cold to hit Best Buy (of course today is gorgeous, but i just HAD to go yesterday).

They've been having great sales on DVDs and Blu-Rays so i got the following:

Bridges of Madison County $3.99
Pleasantville $3.99
This is Spinal Tap on Blu Ray $7.99
Platoon on BR $9.99
Kill Bill Vol 2 (already had 1) on BR $6.99
And an Oceans Collection (the original with the Rat Pack) and 11, 12 & 13 for $9.99

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