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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
I have started what will be a nice little spending spree over the next few weeks as my inheritance went into the bank yesterday...
Sounds like a few interesting little projects are in store for you now. Have fun!

ares93 wrote: View Post
They didn't like the 350bhp Cosworth engine when the car is registered as a 100bhp diesel... He just had to bloody notice.
Kind of hard to miss...

Kestra wrote: View Post
I bought several dresses, all different styles.
In some ways different, but actually consistent in other ways, esp. the core silhouette. You have a pretty clearly defined preference for what works for you.

Paradon wrote: View Post
I bought a water dragon...
I've always liked the theoretical idea of reptiles as pets - it does sound cool - but the work, cost, and time involved seems high to me. Do you already have any similar pets, or will you need to construct a vivarium, etc to house him?
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