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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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You're superimposing a work of fiction on reality again.
No. Pointing out the ways in which a work of historical fiction distorts reality to advance an agenda is not "superimposing reality on a work of fiction;" it's acknowledging the ways in which that work of fiction deviate from reality when reality conflicts with its ideology.

It is acknowledging that a political ideology is driving the artist in creating that work, and that the artist is deliberately structuring the work to advance that ideology -- even to the point of portraying history inaccurately when reality would make it harder to advance that ideology.

It's a fallacy to say it's bad art so therefore the artist is bad.
No one said that.

Frank Miller is a bad person, but he is not a bad person because 300 is bad. Frank Miller is a bad person because he tries to advance a political ideology that is deeply authoritarian and repressive.

The artist doesn't have to subscribe to his own art.
The problem with that hypothesis is that Miller's non-fiction writings make it clear that he, in reality, subscribes to the authoritarian, militaristic, anti-democratic ideology that 300 advances.

He doesn't owe us anything.
No one said he owes anyone anything. But he still deserves to be called on his authoritarianism.
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