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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Personally, if I was starting out, I'd buy the game (it's now down to almost nothing if you look around, maybe $5?) and it'll come with the 30 day free play. F2P is Jan 17th, I believe, so maybe wait a few weeks and time it so you start in mid-December, and it rolls right in. Or, if you know you're not going to play much around xmas/early January, start now and let the account take a brief hiatus before it goes F2P and you can play again.

I don't think I'd start paying $15/month right before it goes free, not sure there's an advantage there. Also, if you got a free month for buying the game, and bought a month, you're already paying for part of the F2P period anyway, so I'd try and pick a date that uses the 30 free days as best I could.

Unless they change the reward structure in such a way as to limit the Silver (free) members more, or reward the Gold (paying and Lifetime) members more, absolutely no reason to give Cryptic $299. They've been kinda ignoring the LTS members in favor of trying to micro-transaction new players to death, so don't think you'd get your money's worth. I'd also wait to see how reaction to the revamp goes. STO has been on a negative slide for the past 8-9 months while they've focused on F2P, so not exactly a happy, stable fanbase right now. If the changes they've put in go over poorly, not sure how long before the game withers. Plus, at $299, that's about 20 months of paying $15/month. Even longer if you buy it in 3, 6, or 12 month chunks that give you a cheaper per-month rate. Right now, I'm not sure I'd gamble that this game will still be around, fun, and active 2 years from now. Buy it in smaller chunks, you can get off the ride when it stops being fun or it gets quiet (also can take months off). Buy it all in a LTS, you're gambling that the game will still be great and active in 2 years, and you'll still want to play regularly. Your call, I guess, but coming in 2 years after launch, not sure I'd buy in for the long haul. At least buying at launch, you've got a better chance of at least breaking even...
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