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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

7THSEALORD - Exactly, my clever friend

To further compound many of the TOS dare I say, anomalies, regarding KIRK's actions, the actual orders contained in the PD, and the 'Stars and Stripes' rhetoric, is the whole Judeo-Christian philosophical/moral under-pinning,... and yet, time again and we see,...

If NOMAD were a moral/ethics critic, would he not state:

"Non sequitur,... the unit KIRK functions irrationally,... a mass of conflicting rhetoric and actions,... this unit is not well-ordered,... the unit's mouth and fist are incongruous,..."

Well, let's see what our pal CAPTAIN SISKO comes back when he takes a bite of out his 'Apple' dilemma.

AND,... If you would like, you may also have the next turn in 'The Chair' with a different question designed just for you LOL!

Welcome 7THSEALORD,... may I offer you a cha - ,..... uh,.. seat? LOL!
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