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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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I'd love to see a really good author take the Voyager relaunch, include all the original crew, and write a compelling (and plausible) series of novels about them following Endgame. I personally think they would sell like hotcakes.
This is exactly what I'd love as well. Is there a petition I can sign?
Petition? Why bother with a petition? That won't make any difference. If you really want something there's nothing like doing it for yourself! Write away Aunt Kate and Marieka! Hop to it! Then submit it to the publishers like any other author and maybe if they see how such a series could work they might be interested. Enough time will have passed by then that they may change their mind. You could contact Simon and Schuster to see whether they accept manuscripts directly or via an agent. Chuckling
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