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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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I've already explained this. I hate having to repeat myself. Zombies are more personal, in the sense I'm using the word, than original concept of the Borg, because they target people, because they're a direct personal threat to the characters.
in "Q Who?" the Borg do actually cut through the Enterprise and kill a chunk of crewmen. The Borg also are stated to have more or less genocided Guinan's people in the same episode. A Borg civilization which desires your technology and will take it and also wipe our your race in the process is something you can tell more than one story about.

And in the sense of being a faceless menace that cannot be negotiated with and will kill you, the Borg resemble zombies enough for the purpose of the analogy.
'Spock is always right, even when he's wrong. It's the tone of voice, the supernatural reasonability; this is not a man like us; this is a god.'
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